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FCL – (Full Container Load)

Kronos Shipping through their agent in Athens Greece , Palm Overseas Traffic www.pot.gr

can book your 20’ / 40’ container and make all arrangements to have it loaded from your residence to the landing port in USA.

In addition Kronos Shipping will file ISF 10+2 to the US customs and take every step to have your shipment cleared through customs and have it delivered either to our warehouse for deconsolidation or truck / rail it directly to your door.

Labor available upon request for the mid-western region

LCL –Consolidation

Kronos Shipping through his agent in Athens Greece , Palm Overseas Traffic www.pot.gr

Consolidates containers with olive Oil, personal effects, automobiles, motorcycles etc from Greece back to the Mid-western US region and west coast.

Kronos Shipping handles all the paper-work related to US customs , Department of Agriculture and FDA and shipments are picked up by customers from our Chicago location for a minimal process fee.

Shipment to other regions of the USA are charged depending on method of on-forwarding ( Courier-truck).

Motor vehicles and other means of transportation must be previously titled in the USA

Our difference

Olive Oil from Greece

Kronos Shipping will import your olive oil from Greece to the U.S.A. and will take care of all the required procedures with FDA, etc. 

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Nobody understands the value of importing Greek culture into the United States more than Kronos Shipping. With over 30-years of experience, we have helped the Greek community ship their household goods, personal effects, or automobile (previously exported from USA) back to USA Our agent in Greece , has agencies located throughout Greece to help with your importing needs with the utmost care and caution. Once the imported items have cleared customs and arrived at our warehouse, the importer will receive an arrival notice by postal mail and may pick-up their items from our warehouse in Chicago, IL. Imported shipments can also be forwarded to the final destination through the use of courier, truck, or home delivery. Motor vehicles and other means of transportation must be previously titled in the USA. For commercial shipments of olive oil, the Exporter –Manufacturer in Greece and the importer in the USA must register their facility with Food and Drug Administration (FDA). http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/FoodFacilityRegistration/default.htm Terminal Handling ,custom clearance , customs x-rays and intensive inspection, deconsolidation services and house delivery are charged separately from the shipping charges from Greece. Contact us by clicking the following button for more information.

Our Services

Full Container Load

Less than Container Load

Reefer Container

Container type

20' General Purpose


Specification Description

Cubic Capacity

1,172.4 ft3
33.2 m3

Max Payload

62,390.8 lbs
28,300 Kgs

Tare Weight

4,806.1 lbs
2,180 Kgs

Max Gross

67,196.9 lbs
30,480 Kgs

40' General Purpose

Specification Description

Cubic Capacity

2,390.8 ft3
67.7 m3

Max Payload

58841.4 lbs
26,690 Kgs

Tare Weight

8,355.5 lbs
3,790 Kgs

Max Gross

67,196.9 lbs
30,480 Kgs

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