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Olive Oil Pumps

Olive Oil Pumps are essential to pump the olive oil out of the can in case you do not have stainless steel olive container that is equipped with its own spigot.

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Olive Oil Shipping Quote

Shipping your extra virgin olive oil from Greece to USA has never been easier. All you have to do is filling up the shipping quote with the details of your olive oil shipment and Kronos Shipping, Inc. will handle everything...

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Full Container Load (FCL) Quote

Full Container Load (FCL) Quote FCL useful information FCL- Self Loading If you wish to load your own container, Kronos Shipping will arrange to have the container dropped off at your  desired location anywhere in the United States. Containers are...

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Shop and Ship Quote

Shop in the U.S. from overseas in the comfort of your couch and send your shipment to our warehouse. We will pack and ship your orders to your country in an economic and safe way. All you have to do...

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Home Services moving Moving One of the most critical aspects of an overseas move is the quality of the packing. At Kronos, we choose our packing staff and the quality of our materials with infinite care. As specialists in international...

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Shipping Cars

Home Services ocean freight Shipping cars Kronos offers ocean transportation for cars and motorcycles to Greece. We service dealerships and private individuals. Your vehicle can be transported in one of the following methods: Ro/Ro: This is the best alternative for...

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