Due to our excellent knowledge of the market and the high standards, we hold ourselves accountable to, we constantly create innovative products and adapt to the fast-changing market trends. Therefore, we launched a new line of drums, the METALBOX with Screw-top Lid & Silicone Seal. Focusing on quality and innovation in manufacturing, we have created this product having enhanced the sealing type and developed the lid with thread. The rest of the features of the METALBOX Stainless Steel Drum with Screw-top Lid & Silicone Seal remain in this product line.
  • TIG welding between cone and main body
  • Ergonomic and durable side handles
  • Distinctive crimps on the body
  • Robust design and functional handle on the lid


Capacity (lt)

Diameter (mm)

Height (mm)

28SL180-20 20 280 390
38SL180-40 40 380 475
38SL180-50 50 380 585
38SL180-75 75 380 780
46SL180-100 100 460 730

Sansone 0.793-gallon (3lt) stainless steel olive oil container with handheld oil dropper set

  • Certified to contain liquid food ingredients and approved by NSF.
  • Includes a spigot for easy dispensing.
  • Crafted from certified raw materials, meeting the highest quality standards for liquid food products.
  • 0.793-gallon (3lt) capacity, featuring a screw top lid with air valve, stand, and spigot.
  • Constructed from 18/10 stainless steel. Made in Italy.