Kronos International Shippers, Inc., was established in Chicago, IL, in 1978 to better serve the Greek-American community with all their international shipping needs. Over the years, Kronos International Shippers, Inc. has kept its commitment of extraordinary excellence and has expanded its specialized international shipping services not only from the United States to Greece, but also from the United States to Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, F.Y.R.O.M, Albania, Croatia, and Montenegro, as well as all over the globe. Along with our global network of agents and satellite offices in any destination city, we will provide the consumer with most comprehensive and premium level of service in order to effectively guarantee your shipment against any complications that could arise during its international shipment.


Whether you are relocating, shipping a vehicle, or just sending a care package, regardless of location in the United States, Kronos International Shippers, Inc., will meet all your shipping needs and expectations in a cost effective, convenient, careful, and overall efficient manner. As your international shipping agent, we will consider all aspects of your international move, as well as exhaust our resources to specifically tailor our services to meet all your needs and concerns. It is our primary goal at Kronos International Shippers, Inc., to provide the highest quality of service, to ensure that your belongings are treated with the utmost care and respect and arrive safely and securely to their ultimate destination.


Our Import department can timely file all required documents to US customs (including ISF10+2) for any import shipment to the US.


Please feel free to browse our web site and call us any time for our expert advice regarding all your International shipping needs.

Nick Mourikis

President of Kronos Shipping, Inc