Who are we?

A small, passionate, & powerful team.

Kronos International Shippers, Inc., was established in Chicago, IL, in 1978 to better serve the Greek-American community with all their international shipping needs. Over the years, Kronos International Shippers, Inc. has kept its commitment of extraordinary excellence and has expanded its specialized international shipping services not only from the United States to Greece, but also from the United States to Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, F.Y.R.O.M, Albania, Croatia, and Montenegro, as well as all over the globe. Along with our global network of agents and satellite offices in any destination city, we will provide the consumer with most comprehensive and premium level of service in order to effectively guarantee your shipment against any complications that could arise during its international shipment.

Your Shipping Solution to the Balkans and around the World

Established in 1978, Kronos Shipping, Inc. dba Kronos International Shippers is one of the oldest, bonded, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) and Freight Forwarder which provides a full array of international freight services to the Balkans and all over the globe. Our services include, consolidated cargo (LCL), Full Container Loads (FCL), for both US export and import. In concert with our vast network of reliable agents, Kronos Shipping personnel are able to monitor the progress of your shipment from departure to arrival. From a small package to an entire container no job is too big or too small for us.


Wood and Specially Constructed Crates : With its fully-equipped warehouse, Kronos Shipping can construct heavy-duty boxes or wooden crates to fit the size specifications of your shipment. These...

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FCL – (Full Container Load) Kronos Shipping through his agent in Athens Greece , Palm Overseas Traffic www.pot.gr can book your 20’ / 40’ container and make all arrangements to have it loaded from...

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Kronos International Shippers provides warehousing facilities for all your commercial and personal needs. We provide: Complete inventory and purchase order management to meet your needs Trucking...

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MyUSAShippingAddress.com will establish your own US shipping address that you can use as your US shipping address. Then at your convenience select which items to ship to your address in Greece with your choice of low-cost cargo or freight options.


kronos cerifications

  • Quick and effective. They handled all the paper work for me and did everything was needed in order to have my delivery at my door at the minimal cost.
  • They moved our entire house hold in one cargo hold. It cost us half than our initial estimation and we received evrything in time and in perfect condition!
  • They came to my place, crated my bike, loaded it and before I knew it, I had it at the other side of the Atlantic. Very professional job! I highly recommend them!
  • I have used in the past many companies to transfer things. They are by far the best! They not only treat you with professionalism and curtesy, they have the best service I have ever seen! And their prices are unbelievable!
  • I used to work at a transportation company for many years before I retired and moved back to Greece. These guys changed my entire way of thinking for the business. Not only they are very professional, they have taken it to the next level. If you are looking for a safe, quick and cost effective carrier, then you just found it!
  • We were referred to this company by our cousin who is a customer. Not only they treated us with kindness and curtesy, they even gave us the best frequent customer price!
  • I just received my multiple shopping order. I was worried because I never had tried it before and so I was afraid about the time and the condition my order would be delivered. To my surprise, they were delivered ahead of time and at a lower cost than anticipated. Everything was there and packed very professional. The condition was excellent. I will definitely use them again!
  • Fast - Cost effective - Professional. What more can you ask?
  • I use them for over 10 years and my family over 30. From time to time I check the competition. There is no comparison! I am very satisfied!
  • They provide with services now, other companies haven't thought of providing in the future!
  • They don't just transfer your things, they think and anticipate all your needs and protect you from all the errors and traps that cost you!

Emma Maersk - World's Largest Cargo Ship

World's Largest Cargo Ship Get a load of this ship! 15,000 containers and a 207' beam! And look at the crew size (13) for a ship longer than US aircraft carriers, which have complements of 5,000 men and officers. Think it's big enough? Notice that 207' beam means it was NOT designed for the Panama or Suez canal . It is strictly transpacific. Check out the "cruise speed". 31 mph means the goods arrive four days before the typical container ship traveling at 18 to 20 mph on a China-to-California run. So this behemoth is hugely competitive when carrying perishable goods.This ship was built in three, perhaps as many as five sections. The sections floated together and then welded. It is named Emma Maersk. The command bridge is higher than a ten story building and has eleven rigs that can operate simultaneously.

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